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For 40 years, Agri-Inject has helped change the face of Agriculture. Their innovations over the past four decades have helped shape the fertigation and chemigation industry. They continue to help develop technology that makes treating crops and golf course turf easier, more economical, more precise, and more environmentally friendly.

“Everything we do at Agri-Inject is designed to make fertigation easier. As an organization with 40 years of research and innovations under our belt, we truly believe what we do makes life better for farmers around the world. But what really sets us apart is the level of service we’re able to provide. As proud as we are of celebrating 40 years as the leaders in this industry, and as well-built and durable as our systems are, nothing will keep us thriving over the next 40+ years as well as our dedication to in-house customer service.”

- Erik Tribelhorn, Agri-Inject CEO

See How Life is Better Over the Last 40 Years for Growers Across the Country Who Use Agri-Inject's Innovative Systems!

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Customer Stories: How Agri-Inject's Continuous Innovation has Changed the Face of Agriculture.

See how life is better for growers and golf course professionals across the country who use Agri-Inject innovative systems!

Agri-Inject: Looking to the Future of Ag Tech

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The ReflexCONNECT™ with uVRF is the latest innovation to come from the company — a revolutionary new way to ensure precision crop treatment in virtually any climate condition, soil and topography, while dealing with a variety of chemical viscosities.

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40 Years of Ag Tech History

In the late 1960s, Agri-Inject Founder Gary Newton started working out the fertigation and chemigation process on his own farm in Eastern Colorado. Agri-Inject was officially founded in 1983, and fertigation/chemigation shortly became a more widely accepted, popular practice.
As fertigation became more popular, growing environmental concerns prompted the U.S. government to consider stricter regulations on the practice to prevent groundwater contamination. Agri-Inject worked with policymakers during this time to come up with equipment requirements and methods to make chemigation safe.
In 1987, the EPA mandated that any piece of injection equipment needs a “functional, normally closed, solenoid-operated valve location on the intake side of the injection pump” (PRN 87-1). This regulation had the potential to be devastating to the fertigation industry. The types of valves mandated by the government were notoriously unreliable and would require replacement so frequently that the process of fertigation would seem too inconvenient to continue to gain adopters.
Fortunately, Agri-Inject’s development of the Mister Mist’r, as an alternative to the unreliable valves, facilitated the government approval of regulatory language that allows for a “functional, spring-loaded check valve with a minimum of 10 psi cracking pressure.”
The development of the Mister Mist’r and subsequent government approval essentially saved the fertigation industry so that growers around the world could continue to treat their crops in a more economical, environmentally friendly and efficient way with much less chance of groundwater contamination — and much less risk of wasted fertilizer and chemicals for farmers.
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Agri-Inject isn't just an industry leader, we're an industry pioneer, and responsible for shaping the way food producers treat their crops. Our inventions change the face of agriculture, and we continue to help farmers the world over make the most out of their current irrigation systems to effectively and precisely treat their fields.

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