Customer Stories

Taking Down the Palmer Amaranth

Joe Newton

Using an Agri-Inject chemigation unit, Joe Newton from JT Farms in Colorado talks about how he was able to tame his “nemesis” to ensure he can control the thick-rooted nuisance so it doesn’t impact the harvesting process. 

Giving Crops Only What They Need, Right When They Need It

Gary & Kyle Kroenke

Father-and-son team Gary and Kyle Kroenke from Dodge County, Nebraska, talk about how Agri-Inject’s Reflex® system helps them deliver accurate,  uniform fertilizer and chemical treatments. 

Confidence & Comfort in the Technology of Agri-Inject

Kyle Spilker

Kyle Spilker, a corn and soybean grower from De Witt, Nebraska, uses Agri-Inject’s Reflex CONNECT™ for chemigating and fertigating, and monitors the process from his phone. 

Hundreds of Hours of Labor Savings: Ballyneal Golf Club

Jared Kalina

Jared Kalina, Golf Course Superintendent at Ballyneal Golf Club, uses Agri-Inject to help save hundreds of hours of labor with the Reflex EVOLUTION™ system. 

How Agri-Inject Makes Life Better — from a Long-Time Customer

Joe Newton

Joe Newton has been using Agri-Inject’s chemigation units since the mid 1980s. Convenience, effectiveness and accuracy keep Joe a loyal customer and keep his fields healthy.   

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