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Customer Stories

Taking Down the Palmer Amaranth

Joe Newton

Using an Agri-Inject chemigation unit, Joe Newton from JT Farms in Colorado talks about how he was able to tame his “nemesis” to ensure he can control the thick-rooted nuisance so it doesn’t impact the harvesting process.

Giving Crops Only What They Need, Right When They Need It

Gary & Kyle Kroenke

Father-and-son team Gary and Kyle Kroenke from Dodge County, Nebraska, talk about how Agri-Inject’s Reflex® system helps them deliver accurate,  uniform fertilizer and chemical treatments. 

Confidence & Comfort in the Technology of Agri-Inject

Kyle Spilker

Kyle Spilker, a corn and soybean grower from De Witt, Nebraska, uses Agri-Inject’s Reflex CONNECT™ for chemigating and fertigating, and monitors the process from his phone.

Hundreds of Hours of Labor Savings: Ballyneal Golf Club

Jared Kalina

Jared Kalina, Golf Course Superintendent at Ballyneal Golf Club, uses Agri-Inject to help save hundreds of hours of labor with the Reflex EVOLUTION™ system. 

How Agri-Inject Makes Life Better — from a Long-Time Customer

Joe Newton

Joe Newton has been using Agri-Inject’s chemigation units since the mid 1980s. Convenience, effectiveness and accuracy keep Joe a loyal customer and keep his fields healthy.

Agri-Inject Chemigation ROI

Brandon Christiansen

In 2022, Brandon Christiansen was in his 14th season working with Crawford Valley Farms. The farm has been fertigating since 2004. Here he talks about the ROI of using Agri-Inject, particularly as it relates to chemigating and fighting common pests like spider mites.

Reliable Equipment, Reliable Customer Service

David Blach

As an Agri-Inject customer, David has seen the impact it’s made on his farming operation through the years — everything from precision application, to better ROI, to better insect control. As his operation expanded, David recognized how important it was for equipment to be reliable, effective and for the company behind it to provide world-class service.

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