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Better Yields & Better ROI For Farmers Since 1983

Agri-Inject is the leader in quality chemigation and fluid application technology since 1983. We specialize in manufacturing chemical injection and fluid application solutions for agricultural, industrial and municipal use.

Our industry-leading products help deliver virtually any type of treatment to any type of field using your existing irrigation system. We make products that help farmers get better yields with less waste; we help golf course superintendents get greener, lusher grass with more efficient water use.

A Brief History of Agri-Inject

1960s - 1970s
Fertigation starts in the late '60s with Gary Newton, the Founder of Agri-Inject, who started working the process out on his own Eastern Colorado farm.
1980 - 1984
(1983) Agri-Inject is officially founded in Eckley, Colorado.

The first commercial pumps used for fertigation come from Pulsafeeder.

Chemigation becomes a more accepted practice shortly after fertigation starts becoming more popular.
An alternative to unreliable valves is approved that essentially saves the fertigation industry: "Functional, spring-loaded check valve with a minimum of 10 psi cracking pressure." This approval came in large part due to the invention of the Mister Mist'r!
As several concerns threaten the fertigation industry, Agri-Inject works with lawmakers and chemical companies to come up with formulas that will work with chemigation.

(1987) To help address backflow concerns and groundwater contamination, the federal government mandates PRN 87-1, that any piece of injection equipment needs a "functional, normally closed, solenoid-operated valve location on the intake side of the injection pump." This could have been devastating to the industry because of the lack of reliability of these types of valves (no one would want to keep replacing this valve every 30 days).
1990 - 2010
The new "stealth" base is created, replacing the original square plastic pump base.

Agri-Inject moves into their current location in Yuma, Colorado.

The Insectigator is designed and released.

The Ultra variant of the Mister Mist'r is launched.

The Large-Capacity Chemigation system is released.

2011 - TODAY
A series of adverse weather events cause prices to surge, creating more demand for Agri-Inject products.

A drought across the United States demonstrates the viability of Agri-Inject products, even in areas of the country that normally have plenty of precipitation. Food producers in more parts of the country install center-pivot irrigation, and adapt yield-saving, water-saving chemigation and fertigation processes.

The Reflex product line is created and launched.
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How Agri-Inject Helps Growers Around the World

Proud Partnership with Sentinel Fertigation

We have partnered up with Sentinel Fertigation out of Lincoln, Nebraska to continue our mission of improving fertigation operations and outcomes for farmers around the world. Sentinel uses a software management framework called N-Time FMS, which helps quantify nitrogen status in crops to help anticipate fertigation needs.

Together, the companies are using innovative new technologies to help lower fertilizer costs for farmers, and help increase their bottom lines.

Agri-Inject isn't just an industry leader, we're an industry pioneer, and responsible for shaping the way food producers treat their crops. Our inventions change the face of agriculture, and we continue to help farmers the world over make the most out of their current irrigation systems to effectively and precisely treat their fields.

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