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Agri-Inject Apply Yourself App


Eliminate the guesswork in selecting and calibrating injection pumps for your entire operation

It’s Simple. It’s Accurate. It’s a must have App.

Apply Yourself from Agri-Inject is an application designed to take the complication and guesswork out of selecting and calibrating an injection pump for virtually any agriculture, nursery, or green industry market.


  • Works with all metric and English units.
  • Five simple questions take the complication out of pump selection and calibration.
  • Intelligent-ranking system adjusts for multiple factors in determining the most suitable pump for your application.
  • Details and pictures provided for every pump model.
  • User is able to keep a custom list of the relevant pumps for their operation.
  • Calibration data provided in three common time settings.
  • Timer has both visual and audio alerts.
  • Multiple calibration events are simplified with the simple reset and time entry functions.

Apply Yourself is completely versatile. It functions smoothly on your cell phone or tablet and is available for both Apple devices or Android devices.

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