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Refurbished mRoy A Series 999-882-000028

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Part Number 999-882-000028 is a refurbished mRoy A series

  • 30 gallon per hour fertigation system
  • 316 stainless steel head and check valves
  • 3 phase 480 VAC originally
  • sold originally in 2012.
  • Description: It has an inspected gear box, tested motor, new diaphragm, new check valve o-rings, new control spool o-rings, and functional new style base with switch.
  • This system has been flow tested and pumps to specifications.
  • This system is provided with functional suction plumbing.
  • This system is warranted for one growing season.
  • Used systems are not provided with discharge hose, Mister Mist’r injection check valve, electrical plug, or oil.