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The Mix-A-Tote agitation system from Agri-Inject allows growers, ag retailers and chemical wholesalers to safely and conveniently perform mixing processes in IBC storage containers. Agri-Inject develops products that merge quality, efficacy and safety at the highest level and Mix-A-Tote is a prime example.  This product has been carefully designed to perform better than any existing mixing unit and be the simplest and safest to use.

Common Uses

•   Remixing settled or separated liquids or suspended solids in an IBC tote

•   Blending custom mixtures in a tote before transfer to other systems

Mixing Efficacy

The impellers have been designed to provide thorough agitation. The direction of mixing is configured for “up- pumping” agitation, eliminating vortexing and creating an “enveloping effect” within the tank, providing excellent and rigorous mixing.