Partnering to Promote Nutrient Stewardship

For more than a century, The Fertilizer Institute has been the leading voice of the fertilizer industry. The institute is a
consistent source of trusted information and data, and an outlet to publicize industry initiatives on safety and
environmental stewardship. One of the initiatives that aligns perfectly with our philosophy at Agri-Inject is their 4R
Nutrient Stewardship program.

The 4Rs promote best management practices (BMPs) to achieve cropping system goals while minimizing field nutrient
loss and maximizing crop uptake. As a company, we design systems to help producers implement these BMPs, allowing
them to get more out of every input dollar they invest in every acre.

Specifically, the 4Rs of nutrient stewardship are right source, right rate, right time and right place. Clearly, the first R for
us is a given. We specialize in helping growers around the world become more efficient and profitable through fluid
injection technology. We’re committed to transforming irrigation systems into finely-tuned, cost-efficient nutrient
delivery systems.

Here is how we see Agri-Inject aligning with the other three Rs.

  • Right Rate – As a pioneer of Variable-Rate Fertigation®, we are committed to precisely matching the fertilizer delivered to the needs of the crop on each square foot of field. We believe that Variable-Rate  Fertigation / Chemigation is the future of fluid injection, ensuring precise nutrient delivery without over- or under-application. Our reflex® control panels are engineered to interface with VRI controllers to execute a  fertigation / chemigation prescription.
  • Right Time – With a center pivot, the user can often (barring unfavorable environmental conditions) apply at  their own timing. If they’re a believer in ‘spoon-feeding’ (which we hope they are), they will apply at the perfect  timing for the plant as well.
  • Right Place – For irrigators, where the water goes is very important. And since plants ‘drink’ fertilizer rather  than ‘eat’ it, applying fertilizer in the irrigation water gets the product right to the root zone in a form that the  plant needs to take it up.

Providing products that give our customers the ability to apply the correct amount of fertilizer at the right time  in its most immediately useable form—saving them money and optimizing yield—is at the crux of our brand  promise. Careful nutrient stewardship is good for the farmer and the environment, and we believe it is the  future of production agriculture. That’s why Agri-Inject is proud to be an official 4R Partner.