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Read below to learn more about our line of fertigation and chemigation systems to see what might be the best fit for your operation. We can help you create a customized system that will work for you with your existing irrigation, climate conditions, crops and other specific fertigation and chemigation needs. To get help customizing a system for your operation, give us a call at (970) 848-5336.

Agri-Inject Pump Series

mRoy A/P&B

Lower operating costs at high volumes make the mRoy series especially effective for applying fertilizer, chemicals, and other concentrates through high-acreage pivot irrigation systems.

Agri-Inject Pump Series

MacRoy G

The MacRoy G line of injection systems are designed specifically to provide operating efficiency and economy for large-scale fluid injection projects. They are ideal for high-rate application of fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, soil amendments, acid products, wetting agents and more!


The revolutionary new injection system from Agri-Inject provides precision in the face of a variety of climate conditions, chemical viscosities, soils and topographies. With features such as remote control, real-time monitoring and alerts, and detailed charts and reports, your chemical and fertilizer applications will be at the next level.

Insectigator® Systems

Quickly address crop threats with precise application of low volumes of insecticides and fungicides. When harmful pests threaten your crop, Insectigator III® from Agri-Inject® goes into action. It’s a pivotal strategy in managing pests! 

Insectigator III® is smaller than other chemigation systems, meaning one person can easily move it from one irrigation system to another. It’s the ultimate in rapid response, precision crop pest control–right through your irrigation system!

Large Capacity Chemigation

Designed for applying fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other liquid products to a wide range of crops, an Agri-Inject® chemigation injection system can be fitted to most center pivot, linear sprinkler, drip and solid set irrigation systems. Choose from a wide variety of models designed to fit every application and every farm.

Customer Story Highlight: Brandon Christiansen

In 2022, Brandon was in his 14th season working with Crawford Valley Farms. Watch this short video, where he talks about the amazing ROI of Agri-Inject, particularly as it relates to chemigation and fighting common pests like spider mites.

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