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Agri-Inject Releases Principles of Injection Check Valve Technology Educational Video

YUMA, COLORADO — July 2014 — Finally … there’s a visual answer for anyone who has wondered how the industry’s leading fluid injection systems mix chemicals or fertilizer with the water flowing through a center pivot or lateral flow irrigation system, and whether the process is safe. Agri-Inject, a leader in fluid injection technology utilized a 3rd party to create an animated educational video that demonstrates the functionality differences of the industry’s best selling injection check valves. 

The high quality animation illustrates the water flow of an irrigation system and demonstrates the characteristics of the different models of Agri-inject Mister Mist’r injection check valves. In effect, the video shows how the four-way spray design essentially atomizes the injected product and evenly distributes it into the irrigation water flow. Each scenario — whether it is illustrating the Mister Mist’r Classic valve in combination with the Insectigator, the Mister Mist”r Classic “Shorty” for acid injection in drip or the 8” stainless steel Mister Mist’r for fertilizer injection — lists the pipe diameter, water flow, injection rate and stroke speed and volume. 

“The Mister Mist’r unit serves as a positive two-way check valve to prevent backflow of water into the system,” explains Erik Tribelhorn, CEO of Agri-Inject. “Thanks to its unique design, the valve essentially atomizes the injected product and evenly distributes it into the irrigation water flow. At the same time, moving parts are continually cleaned by moving water, ensuring a long life.”

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