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Agri-Inject Redesigns Injector Pump Base

YUMA, COLORADO — October 2014 — With the redesign of the pump base used in combination with its fertigation units, Agri-Inject, Inc. has done more than initiate a new name. The company has also introduced a number of new features that make the unit stronger and more user-friendly.

“We’re calling the new base the Nomad and are using it across the board to replace the previous Stealth base,” explains Erik Tribelhorn, CEO of Agri-Inject. “Like the old design, the Nomad base is still triangular in shape. However, it now has four handles — two raised and two open grips — that make it easier to pick up and move. The handles are also ergonomically designed for use with gloved hands.”

Another important feature is the improved commonality, which benefits both the company and its customers. While the previous base often required adapter brackets for various pump models, the new Nomad base is compatible with nearly 95 percent of the product line without modification, reducing the number of parts required in inventory. In addition, the control switch and wiring are now integrated into the base, which also includes raised ribs around the switch to protect it against damage or accidental activation. 

“Naturally, we looked at the type of material being used in the base and made improvements in that area, as well,” Tribelhorn says. “We’re now using a better grade of resin and molding the bases in-house, which gives us better control. At the same time we improved the internal geometry to make the base stronger. In effect, we tied the walls together so there’s no deflection or compression … even when we applied up to 500 pounds during testing.”

Last, but not least, the base has a channel molded into the bottom of it that will straddle a 2 X 6-inch board laid flat. This not only provides stability and security when attached to a shipping pallet, but provides the end user the option of securing it to a wooden base when placed on-site. 

Founded in 1983 near Yuma, Colorado, in the heart of one the of most productive irrigation counties in the nation, Agri-Inject has grown into one of the largest suppliers of chemigation and fertigation systems in the world. 

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