Agri-Inject Offers Free Key For Injection System Maintenance

YUMA, COLORADO — July 2014 — As an integral part of every Agri-Inject fluid injection system, the company’s patented Mister Mist’r injection valve is already the most advanced check valve available to the irrigation industry. However, with irrigation season just around the corner, it’s still wise to inspect the valve for sand or debris that could impede its performance. 

Fortunately, Agri-Inject has made that process even easier by offering a free Mist’r Mind’r “clean key” that features two different key sizes, allowing it to be used on both the “Classic Mister Mist’r” and “Ultra Mister Mist’r” injection valves.

“The Mister Mist’r unit serves as a positive two-way check valve to prevent backflow of water into the system,” explains Erik Tribelhorn, CEO of Agri-Inject. “This also prevents accidental leakage of chemical into the mainline water stream during shutdown. Thanks to its unique design, the valve essentially atomizes the injected product and evenly distributes it into the irrigation water flow. At the same time, moving parts are continually cleaned by moving water, ensuring a long life.”

Like any moving part, though, it can malfunction if it is subjected to foreign material as a result of not having a filter on the chemigation pump or pumping too much sand with the water. Hence, Tribelhorn recommends checking the valve at least once a year to make sure it is operating freely. 

“That’s also the reason we’re offering the free Mist’r Mind’r ‘clean key’,” he adds, noting that customers can simply log onto the Agri-Inject website ( and register their request. “We’re proud of the fact that the Mister Mist’r valve is already a low maintenance item. Our goal is to make it even easier for our customers to inspect the system.”

Tribelhorn says all that is normally required during inspection and maintenance is to remove and disassemble the valve using the free key; rinse it in clean water, and reassemble it, making sure it seats against the seal. It’s as simple as that.

Founded in 1983 near Yuma, Colorado, in the heart of one the of most productive irrigation counties in the nation, Agri-Inject has grown into one of the largest suppliers of valves and chemigation, fertigation and insectigator pumps and systems in the world. 

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