Agri-Inject Introduces New Stainless-Steel Mister Mist’r

YUMA, COLORADO — December 2014 — In its quest to continually improve the company’s product line, Agri-Inject has introduced a new stainless steel Mister Mist’r chemigation check valve. Like the original Mister Mist’r, the new version serves as a positive two-way check valve that prevents backflow of water into the irrigation system, while allowing the injection of fertilizer and/or crop protection chemicals into the irrigation water flow. However, this next generation stainless-steel Mister Mist’r incorporates new technology and innovation that further improve performance.

“One of the best features of the new valve is the injection-molded spring retainer nut that locks into the grooves and detents molded into the valve body,” explains Erik Tribelhorn, CEO of Agri-Inject. “The valve still retains the same high-quality seat, spring and spring guide as the original stainless Mister Mist’r, but, now, customers can use the Mister Mind’r maintenance key for easy, in-field service,” he adds, noting that seals should generally be inspected annually. “Instead of having to hold a washer in place, while installing a snap ring, all one has to do is use the maintenance key to insert the retainer, give it a twist and lock it in place.” 

Another selling point of the new stainless steel Mister Mist’r is the one-piece design. The entire valve body is now precision machined to exact standards out of one solid piece of stainless steel. In the meantime, the internal passage has been machined to provide a sloped flow path that reduces sediment buildup and lowers pressure loss and turbulence. The valve also features cleaned and deburred “flow-guiding” slots that optimize fluid dispersion, while continually flushing moving components.

“Another nice feature is the new 15/16-inch nut that is incorporated into the top of the valve body,” Tribelhorn adds. “Now, customers can use a common wrench to install the valve into any pipe where they need high-volume application.”

Available for use in a wide range of pipe diameters, the new stainless steel valves are designed to handle applications of up to 300 gallons per hour — atomizing the injected product and evenly distributing it into the irrigation water flow. Equally important, the new stainless steel Mister Mist’r valve — like the previous models — has been approved as a chemigation check valve by all state and federal regulatory agencies, eliminating any concern about compliance, no matter where the application.

Founded in 1983 near Yuma, Colorado, in the heart of one the of most productive irrigation counties in the nation, Agri-Inject has grown into one of the largest suppliers of chemigation and fertigation systems in the world. To learn more about Agri-Inject or the exclusive Apply Yourself app, call 970-848-5336 or 800-4-INJECT, or view the full line of products at