Getting Started


Check oil level and clarity

Use Pump Defender APB, 95G, & D629 as appropriate.

Ensure oil has no chemicals, dirt, or milkiness.

Set pump on level surface

Ensure electrical chords are in good condition with no bare wire

Ensure that supply tank has adequate liquid

Ensure suction/discharge hoses are clean with no debris or cracks

Inspect and clean strainer

Ensure Mister Mist’r is installed and connected

Position all hoses correctly

Discharge hoses pulse intensely and may need to be secured.

Open suction valves

Note: The calibration tube valve is normally closed during startup.

Turn on pump

Check motor direction

The mRoy A/P pumps are bi-directional.

Use bleeder valve on Mister Mist’r to bleed air from discharge line

Set and calibrate pump

Download our helpful ApplyYourself app for easy calibration.