Insectigator® Systems

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When harmful pests threaten your crop, Insectigator III® from Agri-Inject® goes into action. Now. It’s a pivotal strategy in managing pests!

Insectigator III® is smaller than other chemigation systems, meaning one person can easily move it from one irrigation system to another. It’s the ultimate in rapid response, precision crop pest control–right through your irrigation system!

  • Quickly and easily moved from one field to another
  • Fully adjustable pump for rates of 0.04 gph to 1.9 gph
  • Exclusive Mini Mister® four-way injection valve delivers precise amounts of concentrate into irrigation water stream
  • Less drift than aerial-applied for improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • Variety of systems available sized to your application
  • Comes with all hoses, fittings and valves for immediate installation and application

Used for: Precise application of low volumes of insecticides and fungicides to quickly address crop threats.

Tank capacities: 10, 20, and 30-gallon tanks available.

Key Features

  • Adaptable with many power configurations: single phase, three phase and 12Vdc applications
  • Mixer option available on all sizes
  • Engineered to prevent damage from corrosive chemicals
  • Lightweight with molded handles for easy transport from field to field

Also available: Create a preventative perimeter to keep pests out of your field with BoundaryRider® from Agri-Inject.

Check label on your chemical of choice to ensure that it is approved for use through fluid injection and irrigation systems. Always follow label directions.