MRoy A/P & B Series

When you buy a fertilizer injection system from Agri-Inject®, you’re getting a whole lot more than just a pump on a piece of plywood. As the world leader in fluid application technology and equipment, we’ve gone to extremes to make sure that every pump we produce is complete in every detail. Our fertilizer injection systems are designed and engineered to provide reliable performance and maximum results in any operation. 

We provide the complete package to you. Everything you need to get up and running quickly and easily – backed by the experience and expertise to help you enjoy the cost-saving, yield-enhancing benefits fertigation offers.

Series A P B

Key Features

Mistr Exclusive Mister Mist’r® injection valve with four-way release delivers accurate amounts of concentrate right into the middle of the water supply pipe. Mister Mist’r is also a check valve that helps prevent unwanted leakage or back flow contamination for increased safety. Versatile bleeder/needle valve adds even more convenience, control and safety to the injection process.
Maintenance Agri-Inject systems are engineered for easy maintenance. Accessible fittings, right-angle check valves, handy oil plug and easy-to-change filter assembly are all specifically designed for easy access and maintenance. The end result is a labor saving system that will last.
Design The self-contained design of Agri-Inject pumps make it easy for one person to handle and convenient to move from one system to the next.
Flow Dial Easy-to-read, 316 stainless steel flow rate dial lets you make adjustments quickly and simply, while the pump is running.
Control The control switch is sized specifically to each motor and provides overload protection. The switch enclosure is NEMA 4 rated. The control switch is fully integrated into the Nomad base.
mRoy A
Maximum Discharge Pressure 350 PSI (24.13 bar)
Single Phase, Three Phase and 12-volt DC 1/4 hp (.19kW)
Operating Range 3.0 to 30 GPH (11.4 to 114 liters)
mRoy B Duplex
Operating Range 8.5 to 85 GPH (32.2 to 322 liters)
Maximum Discharge Pressure 350 PSI (24.13 bar)
Single Phase Three Phase and 12-volt DC 1 hp (.74 kW)
mRoy P
Operating Range 1.8 to 18 GPH (6.8 to 68 liters)
Maximum Discharge Pressure 350 PSI (24.13 bar)
SIngle Phase, Three Phase and 12-volt DC 1/4 hp (.19kW)
mRoy B
Operating Range 8.5 to 85 GPH
Maximum Discharge Pressure 350 PSI (24.13 bar)
Single Phase Three Phase and 12-volt DC 1 hp (.74kW)
mRoy A Duplex
Operating Range 3.0 to 30 GPH
Maximum Discharge Pressure 350 PSI (24.13 bar)
Single Phase, Three Phase and 12-volt DC 1/4 hp (.19kW)
mRoy P Duplex
Maximum Discharge Pressure 350 PSI (24.13 bar)
Single Phase, Three Phase and 12-volt DC 1/4 hp (.19kW)
Operating Range 1.8 to 18 GPH (6.8 to 68 liters)

What our clients say

“We buy multiple Agri-Inject pumps per year that we resell to our customers for injecting sulfuric acid to balance pH levels. We’ve tried other pumps, but they just don’t hold up as well as the Agri-Inject models. Since the pumps are injecting from 93 to 98 percent sulfuric acid, we don’t want our customers having to touch them if there’s a problem. So if they see a leak, they shut it off and call us, and we’ll go out and do the repairs or maintenance ourselves. Even then, it’s usually a hose or the fittings rather that the pump itself. It’s not unusual to have Agri-Inject pumps on the job for 10 years or more. Then, what’s good about them is we can bring them back to our shop, rebuild them and they’re good for another 10 years.”
— George Verdegaal,
Verdegaal Brothers, Inc.
Hanford, California

“We have a variety of liquid products we’re putting on barley and potatoes with Agri-Inject pumps. Our pivots are making a circle approximately every two days and there’s something being injected every time they go around from about late June until early August. That includes three different fertilizer solutions, as well as fungicides and pesticides that we put on using the same pumps. Most of our land consists of pretty sandy soil, so we have to put on the nitrogen a little at a time as the crop requires it. We’ve been using fertigation and chemigation since 1978, but this past year was only our second season with Agri-Inject pumps. We still have about eight pumps from another company, but we just ordered two more 85-gallon Agri-Inject units, partly because they’re so much easier to adjust and calibrate.”
— Jeff Raybould,
Rexburg, Idaho

Global technology

 Since 1983, we’ve distributed metering pumps to every corner of the globe utilizing irrigation to raise sustainable crops. The engineered reliable design makes it ideally suited for years of service.

Environmentally safe

Utilizing a high quality fluid injection pump enables you to precisely provide what your crop needs while reducing the environmental impact. With Agri-Inject equipment, there are other benefits of reduced drift and reduced labor and energy costs. Agri-Inject also offers containment options to provide even further assurance of environmental safety.

Economical to operate

Lower operating costs at high volumes make the mRoy A/P and B System Pumps especially effective for applying fertilizer, chemicals, and other concentrates through high acreage pivot irrigation systems.

Future of precision agriculture

Today we’re on the doorstep of dynamic growth of precision farming within the global agricultural industry. Agri-Inject products are perfectly in sync with precision agriculture. They are the cost effective way to apply precise amounts of fertilizer and crop protection products at precisely the right times during the growing season. That’s a sound “precision strategy” for improving yields and ensuring crop health for many years to come.

Where to buy

Agri-Inject products are distributed globally through an authorized dealer network. Each dealer has a solid reputation for responsive service and technical support. When you’re irrigating, you can’t afford to wait for answers. You’ll find the support you need from Agri-Inject is just around the corner.