MacRoy G Series

The MacRoy Series G line of metering pumps from Agri-Inject® are designed specifically to provide operating efficiency and economy for large-scale fluid injection projects. MacRoy Series G Pumps are ideal for precisely applying fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, soil amendments, acid products, wetting agents and more. The high quality pumps are engineered and constructed to handle high viscosity fluids and non-soluble materials in slurry form with ease.

G Series 55Key Features

Mist The patented Ultra Mister Mist’r® has a four-way spray that effectively atomizes the inject product immediately for even distribution throughout the irrigation water flow.
Filter Easily accessible filter assembly protects pump, plumbing and connections from foreign objects.
Control The control switch is sized specifically to each motor and provides overload protection. The switch enclosure is NEMA 4 rated.
Knob Large, easy-to-read dial lets you adjust flow, quickly and simply, while pump is running. Can be locked in position to maintain constant flow. Precision stroke adjustment can be operated while in use. Steady State Accuracy ~ + 1% of full capacity over the 10 to 1 turndown ratio.
MacRoy G55
Operating Range 5.5 to 55 GPH (20.5 to 208 liters)
Maximum Discharge Pressure 150 PSI (10.3 bar)
Three Phase and Single Phase 1 hp (.74 kW)
12-volt DC 3/4 hp (.60 KW)
MacRoy G110
Operating Range 11 to 110 GPH (41.6 to 416 liters)
Maximum Discharge Pressure 150 PSI (10.3 bar)
Three Phase and Single Phase 1 hp (.74 kW)
12-volt DC 3/4 hp (.60 kW)
MacRoy G150
Operating Range 15 to 150 GPH
Maximum Discharge Pressure 100 PSI (6.89 bar)
Three Phase and Single Phase 1 hp (.74 kW)
12-volt DC 1 hp (.74 kW)

What our clients say

“We’re tissue sampling our corn and then using an Agri-Inject G110 to apply about 30 units of 32 percent liquid nitrogen through the pivot right before tassel. Last year, we had so much rain, we had trouble keeping our nitrogen levels up. We did see a response when we took tissue samples a second time after the application. In my area, most of the Extension specialists and seed companies are saying the most efficient way to get the maximum effect from your fertilizer is to do a late season application. We already have seven pivot irrigation systems, so this is really the direction we’ve been trying to go.”
— David Grant,
Rutherford, Tennessee

“I’m actually using two different Agri-Inject units. One is an Insectigator that I use to apply a mix of fungicide and insecticide on corn-on-corn, while the other is a 110-gph fertigation system that is used for split applications of nitrogen on corn. Articles I’ve read say that 100 units of nitrogen is all that corn can handle at one time. Of course, there’s no way we could put on the 275 units of nitrogen that we put on during the season in one or two applications. So we’re applying a large part of it through the pivot so the plants get it when they need it most. So far, I’ve been really pleased with the system and the results.”
— Joel Armistead
Adairville, Kentucky

Global technology

 Since 1983, we’ve distributed metering pumps to every corner of the globe utilizing irrigation to raise sustainable crops. The engineered reliable design makes it ideally suited for years of service.

Environmentally safe

Utilizing a high quality fluid injection pump enables you to precisely provide what your crop needs while reducing the environmental impact. With Agri-Inject equipment, there are other benefits of reduced drift and reduced labor and energy costs. Agri-Inject also offers containment options to provide even further assurance of environmental safety.

Economical to operate

Lower operating costs at high volumes make the MacRoy Series G especially effective for applying fertilizer, chemicals, and other concentrates through high acreage pivot irrigation systems.

Future of precision agriculture

Today we’re on the doorstep of dynamic growth of precision farming within the global agricultural industry. Agri-Inject products are perfectly in sync with precision agriculture. They are the cost effective way to apply precise amounts of fertilizer and crop protection products at precisely the right times during the growing season. That’s a sound “precision strategy” for improving yields and ensuring crop health for many years to come.

Where to buy

Agri-Inject products are distributed globally through an authorized dealer network. Each dealer has a solid reputation for responsive service and technical support. When you’re irrigating, you can’t afford to wait for answers. You’ll find the support you need from Agri-Inject is just around the corner.