Boundary RiderTaking Agri-Inject® fluid injection technology to the very edge!

Why treat the entire field for migrating insects when all you need to do is protect your borders? With BoundaryRider® from Agri-Inject®, you can save money and labor — while keeping your crop safer from unwanted intruders.

Until now, fluid injection (chemigation) in irrigation has been “static” at the pivot point or well head.
BoundaryRider® from Agri-Inject takes fluid injection to the edge of your fields to significantly improve accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Used for: Applying insecticides along the outer edge
of your fields to prevent inbound pest infestations.

Tank Capacity: 10 gallons

  • Easily mounts on the outer towers of center  pivot irrigation systems
  • Applies pesticides along edge of field and vulnerable pivot corners
  • Treats only those acres that need it
  • Designed to pump concentrated chemical without dilution or mixing
  • Extremely accurate metering pump
  • Available in single phase only, which ties into the  110VAC circuit on the center pivot.
  • The BoundaryRider® can be used for additional applications that protect the perimeter of your high value crop. Ask your dealer for details.

Cost savings Treating only the acres that need treatment reduces number of gallons of pesticide and chemical required.

Complete and consistent application Precision accuracy of treatment with no crop damage, overlaps or misses.

Greater control You have complete control over the timing, application rate and chemical choice so you can effectively respond to threats quickly and easily.

Rugged construction Made in the USA with durable, chemical resistant, high-impact plastic components. Weather and UV resistant. Can stand up to the bumpy, wet and messy environment under a pivot system.

Common-sense design Portable and easy to handle and calibrate. Fully drainable tank ensures maximum use of chemical/product. Flushing assembly allows easy and complete cleaning with water.

Deliver water-enhancement products with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Acres on the edge of a field, especially those under an end gun, typically are subject to inconsistent irrigation. Additionally, many irrigation schedules are set up to keep the driest point in the field wet—and that means greater inefficiency and cost.
Water amendments such as polymers, wetting agents and soil conditioners are intended to “make the water work better”—and optimize chemical application, water utilization and yield potential on these boundary acres.

BoundaryRider® is the perfect strategy for precisely and accurately delivering water-enhancement products on these few “under-served” acres. You can help improve crop health and vitality while improving the efficiency of your irrigation schedule.

How the BoundaryRider® works:

Boundary Rider Installed

BoundaryRider® system attaches to the base beam of an exterior pivot tower (usually the next-to-last) with a double clamp assembly.

Quill on patented Mister Mist’r® injection valve* inserts into “weld-o-let” on pivot pipe.

System wires into the tower box, powered by 110 VAC control circuit of the irrigation system. Will safely and automatically shut down if pivot loses power or shuts off.

Product to be applied goes into fully drainable tank (usually 10 gallon tank). Product is applied “neat” with no dilution or pre-mixing required.

Calibration assembly provides precise and accurate injection of product into the overhead water pipeline. Large 800:1 turndown ratio provides accuracy across a wide range.

System can handle more viscous materials thanks to design of the wetted process parts and the ability of the pump to control the speed of the injection stroke.

Boundary Rider Ring