Ag 10+1 Reasons

10 + 1 reasons to add an Agri-Inject® system to your operation

  1. 1. Perfectly in sync with precision agriculture. Agri-Inject® is all about precision—applying the precise amount of crop fertilizer injection and crop protection products at precisely the right times during the growing season. That’s a sound strategy for improving yields and ensuring crop health all season long.
  2. 2. Reduced fertilizer and chemical costs. With Agri-Inject, you can apply less crop fertilizer injection without sacrificing results, because you’re able to apply more precisely and completely across the field.
  3. 3. Versatility and flexibility. Agri-Inject systems are available for a wide variety of applications, crops, situations and products—and duplex can be used for a number of different products.
  4. 4. Improved effectiveness of inputs. Many crop fertilizer injection products have been proven to be more effective when applied through irrigation.
  5. 5. Simple, easy calibration. You don’t need an engineering degree to operate an Agri-Inject system. Calibration is extremely easy, accurate, intuitive and repeatable.
  6. 6. Environmentally sound. Lower rates of chemical and crop fertilizer injection help you provide what your crop needs while reducing the environmental impact. With Agri-Inject, there are other benefits of reduced drift and reduced labor and energy costs. Agri-Inject also offers containment options to provide even further assurance of environmental safety.
  7. 7. Uniform coverage. With an Agri-Inject system, you get complete and uniform coverage across your entire field. No skipped rows. No “hot spots.” If it’s getting water, it’s getting product dispersed evenly and completely.
  8. 8. Improved safety. Handling of chemicals is greatly reduced with an Agri-Inject system, so operator exposure is minimized and the chance for spills is diminished.
  9. 9. More timely than custom/aerial application (and less expensive!). No more waiting for the spray plane. Apply what your crop needs, when it needs it—and do it at a lower cost per acre.
  10. 10. Cost savings year after year. Your one-time investment in an Agri-Inject system pays you back application after application, field after field, season after season.
  11. 10 + 1 Outstanding services and support. Agri-Inject is known far and wide for its responsive service and technical support. We work closely with you and your authorized Agri-Inject dealer to address any concerns, questions or warranty issues. When you’re irrigating, you can’t afford to wait for answers. We get that.