Chemical InjectionYour potato crop faces multiple challenges a year – from insects to fungi that cause everything from blight to zebra chip to black dot that can quickly damage or destroy your crop. Fight back with Agri-Inject by turning your irrigation system into the most effective, economical crop protection applicator around!

Our reliable systems are perfectly designed to work with your new or existing irrigation system. Combined, they are a high-precision tool that ensures an accurate application of fertilizer, fungicides, crop protection products and soil amendments that help your potato crop reach its maximum yield.

Apply a crop protection product when your crop needs it most – not when a spray plane or outside service gets around to it. The accurate, consistent coverage across a field also supports your bottom line, while the cost savings accrue year after year, field after field with our reliable and long performance life systems.

All systems move quickly and easily from field to field and include our exclusive Mister Mist’r® (U.S. Patent No. 6,230,982) advanced four-way injection check valve that delivers precise amounts of concentrate into the irrigation water stream.

Our systems are a pivotal strategy in your
precision management program.

Chemigation System

Chemigation SystemEach Agri-Inject® system comes as a complete unit, ready to install and operate — and it’s incredibly versatile!

Our basic system can be used to apply a broad spectrum of liquid fertilizer and chemical injection products, and it’s easily adaptable to virtually any irrigation system.

Chemigation has been praised around the world for the crop production benefits it offers to potato growers. Now you can put it to work on your operation quickly and easily with our basic fluid injection system. Agri-Inject® chemical injection units are reliable, affordable and built to last for years of use.

For more information, contact a dealer and be sure to check out our System Builder.


Fluid Injection SystemWhen pests threaten your potato crop, respond immediately with Agri-Inject Insectigator® equipment. The fully adjustable pump allows rates of 0.04 to 1.9 gph, and there is less drift through your irrigation system when compared to an aerial-applied – that means increased efficiency and effectiveness. We have a variety systems available sized to your application needs.

All hoses, fittings and other valves are included for immediate installation and application.It’s the ultimate in rapid response, precision pest control right through your irrigation system!

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Fertigation System

Variable Rate FertigationOur Variable Rate Fertigation® systems deliver precise amounts of fertilizer so your crops deliver come harvest. Agri-Inject® fertigation systems are adjustable on the go with an easy-to-read dial making it simple, even when the pump is running. The on/off features of our systems include a variety of hook-up options, while a rugged “stealth base” provides for a stable installation and keeps the unit out of the dirt for clean, trouble-free operation.

Engineered for easy maintenance and advanced alloys and polymers that stand up to corrosive chemicals ensure our systems provide payback year after year, field after field. Our systems come as a package with most hoses, valves and fittings you’ll need to get up and running quickly and easily.

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