Chemigation Pump

For added environmental safety, 60- and 90-gallon containment units are available.

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For precise application of crop inputs as you irrigation, turn your sprinkler irrigation system into the most effective, economical chemical applicator around with an Agri-Inject chemigation system.

Our fluid injection technology is built into every chemigation unit, from the most reliable pumps on the market to the patented Mister Mist’r injection check valve. Put our systems to work on your operation quickly and easily. You’ll have the ability to precisely apply crop inputs exactly when your crop needs them.

When you buy a chemigation system from Agri-Inject, you’re getting a lot more than “a pump on a piece of plywood.” As the world leader in fluid application technology and equipment, we’ve gone to extremes to make sure every system we produce is complete in every detail, designing and engineering our chemigation systems to provide reliable performance and maximum results in any operation.

We provide you with the complete package. Everything you need to get up and running quickly and easily, including our patented Mister Mist’r injection check valve (U.S. Patent No. 6,230,982), discharge hose, filter, pump oil, callibration instructions and gloves. Plus it’s backed by our experience and expertise to help you enjoy the cost-saving, yield-enhancing benefits all Agri-Inject systems offer.

Standard Chemigation Systems

Chemigation System

Used for: Applying fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other fluids to a wide variety of crops.

Tank capacities: 70,110 and 200-gallon tanks available.

Key Features

  • Easily fitted to most center pivot, linear sprinkler, drip and solid set irrigation systems
  • Quickly and easily moved from one field to another
  • 60- and 90-gallon containment units available for added environmental safety

Large Capacity Chemigation Systems

Chemigation Pump System

For bigger jobs and heavier products in suspension.

Used for: Large-scale application of highly viscous—even slurried—materials through irrigation systems, including gypsum, potash, ground calcium compounds and other organic soil amendments.

Tank capacities: 300, 400, 500 and 600-gallon tanks available.

Key Features

  • Keeps even the heaviest materials in suspension for uniform application
  • Powerful pump and agitation system for high performance and long life
  • Works with any irrigation system