About Us

Our Vision

Lead the industry of fluid injection with the most recognized and trusted brand in the world.

Our Mission

Manufacture, deliver and support world-class products while educating end users and dealers about the value and utility of fluid injection.

Agri-Inject 30th AnniversaryEstablished in 1983, Agri-Inject, Inc., is a leading provider of fluid injection technology for the agriculture, turf and water treatment industries.

You’ll find our fluid injection products in use for a wide variety of water treatment and chemical application needs, including pH control, fertilizer and micronutrient application, pesticide application, growth regulators, soil conditioners, waste water and biological agents – and more!

Our systems are a perfect addition for small and large-scale farming operations, nurseries, greenhouses, livestock facilities, golf courses and institutional and residential lawn and garden use.

With Agri-Inject technology you have better control over where, when and how products are applied. It’s precision control at its best, and that’s in synch perfectly with today’s focus on environmental stewardship. It also means maximum results thanks to more complete and uniform coverage while minimizing exposure to the applied products.

Such precision control enhances profitability by reducing input costs, lowering management time and enhancing performance, whether for crops like corn and wheat or the turf on your golf course. By letting your irrigation system do the work, you also save on the costs of hiring an applicator.

The one-time investment in an Agri-Inject® fluid injection system pays dividends with every use!