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Your irrigation system should do more than just apply water.

Agri-Inject makes that happen. Precisely.

Applying fertilizer (fertigation) and crop protection products (chemigation and pest control) through irrigation systems with Agri-Inject® fluid injection technology just makes sense – economically, agronomically and environmentally. You can put Agri-Inject technology to work in virtually any field – from row crops to potatoes, from fruit to nuts, from golf to hay.

Clean KeyFree Key for Injection System Maintenance

We recommend you check your system each season prior to irrigation. Fortunately, Agri-Inject has made that process even easier by offering a free “clean key” that features two different key sizes, allowing it to be used on both the “Classic Mister Mist’r®” and “Ultra Mister Mist’r®” injection valves.

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Chemigation Rules and Regulations

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